startx ansible collections offer many ansible roles used to deliver low and high building blocks used to build your gitops backbone. To contribute and improve this collection content, you should read the following guidelines.

Fork code

startxfr collections used gitlab infrastructure as a backend for it code management. This choice nested us with this service and required you to have a gitlab account. You could go to gitlab sign-in to create or authenthicate to a gitlab account.

After being authenticate to gitlab services, you must create your own copy of the startxfr.client ansible collection (choose public if undecided for the visibility mode).

Get a working copy

After create your own copy of the startxfr.client ansible collection, you should create your local copy of you own repsitoy. To get this done, you must foolow theses steps :

create your repository

You must create a local copy of your repository by running :

Install with ssh keys

mkdir -p ~/gitrepo/ansible-client
git clone<gitlab_username>/<gitlab_namespace>/<gitlab_collection>/.git ~/gitrepo/ansible-<gitlab_collection>
cd ~/gitrepo/ansible-<gitlab_collection>

Install with https

mkdir -p ~/gitrepo/ansible-client
git clone<gitlab_username>/<gitlab_collection>/<gitlab_namespace>/<gitlab_collection>.git ~/gitrepo/ansible-<gitlab_collection>
cd ~/gitrepo/ansible-<gitlab_collection>

Change code

You must edit content localted in your ~/gitrepo/ansible-<gitlab_collection> to improve the collection content. This action must be followed by a cd ~/gitrepo/ansible-<gitlab_collection> && git add . command to add this change to the next commit.

Update code

After you code modification, you must commit theses change into your git repository with usage of the git commit command. You can run the

cd ~/gitrepo/ansible-<gitlab_collection>
git add .

Commit code

git commit -S -am "[<role>] My message"

Message format should match the follwing guideline :

  • “Begin with a role separator (use [] to identify namespace)”
  • Role must match available role in startx roles
  • If role located subcontent is changed, role prfix should be addapted with role/subcontent
  • Global mesage houd look like [<role>/<event>] My change where role egal the nale of the role, and componemt the subcontent,.action to execute.

push your request in your namespace

git push origin devel

pull request your changes


Getting involved

As soon as one of your first contribution is validated, you will be added to the [contributor list]](